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Growth Hacking

Specialize in achieving growth
Develop an action-oriented growth plan for the next 3-6 months.
Essential for leaders driving business growth across all disciplines, not just marketing.
The latest growth methodologies, backed by industry-leading experts.
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A new perspective on growth

We are navigating a world that is complex, ever-changing and highly specialized.

Keeping a strategic view of innovation, product development and marketing becomes increasingly challenging as customer journeys become more complicated.How do you navigate effectively through a myriad of strategies, tools and processes?

More importantly, how do you focus on what really matters? To achieve sustainable growth, you need to dive deep into how multidisciplinary strategies and tactics work together. Dive into this holistic approach with our comprehensive Growth Hacking certification.

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Groningen, Nijmegen
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€ 1.450,- ex BTW
Blended learning

The foundation

Growth Hacking is a mindset and methodology that focuses on finding the most effective and efficient ways to grow a business. At its core, Growth Hacking is a data-driven approach to marketing and product development. It starts with setting clear growth objectives and deeply understanding your target audience and market context. By experimenting, measuring, and optimizing marketing and product strategies, you can systematically develop solutions that drive sustainable growth for your business, your customers, and the world around us.

Module 1


Creating a Must-Have Product
Module 1:
Continuous Value Creation
4 hours

Dive into the fundamental vision of our programme, highlighting the importance of a 'must have' product. Uncover the complexities of growth hacking, its synergy with other growth paths and the critical role of data. Leverage the growth formula for focus and direction.


  • Continuous Value Creation
  • Growth Hacking Process
  • Growth Formula
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Module 2


Different Perspectives on Growth
Module 2
Full Funnel Approach
4 hours

The importance of a comprehensive view of growth is essential to be able to assess all stages of growth. Identify gaps and prioritise by taking a holistic view from awareness to referral. Leverage the Growth Model Canvas, a powerful tool for creating data-driven strategies that highlight both product-led and marketing-driven paths to growth.


  • Growth Model Canvas
  • AAARRR-Funnel dynamics
  • Principles of Product-Led Growth
More about the Growth Model canvas
Module 3


Building Sustainable Growth
Module 3
Growth Strategy
4 hours

Tailoring the growth process to your unique circumstances, we guide you in crafting a tangible and effective growth strategy. We provide essential building blocks, collaborative goal-setting, and a blend of Product-Led, Marketing-Led, and Sales-Led approaches to uncover your optimal path to growth, all while highlighting the importance of a skilled and capable team.


  • Growth Model Canvas
  • Marketing-Led Growth
  • Growth Strategy Canvas
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Growth model Canvas

In the fast-paced world of business, mastering a holistic, data-driven approach is essential. Using the Growth Model Canvas, you'll delve into every aspect of the customer journey and business funnel. This will enable you to identify opportunities, align efforts and develop strategies that drive sustainable growth.

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“The Master of Growth program has helped our whole company to adapt the growth mindset!”

“Now, we are more aligned between disciplines, marketing, sales and product development.  Highly recommended!”

Remco van Meel    |   Marketing Manager team Digital & Growth

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What makes this program unique?

The Masters of Growth program is unique because it is the first independent certification in Design Thinking and Growth Hacking. This independence is underlined by the involvement of experienced executives (think Head of Growth and CMOs of e.g. IKEA, Philips, ABN) in an advisory board. This advisory board monitors that the programme meets modern-day standards and the latest developments in the field. The program emphasises the creation of continuous value and sustainable growth, as opposed to short-term growth. It combines the principles of Design Thinking and Growth Hacking for a complete growth approach. Moreover, the programme is jointly developed by BAMMBOO and Business Models Inc (BMI), two leading organisations in promoting sustainable growth in companies. In addition, the program is based on scientific insights, theories and best practices.

Who is the Growth Hacking certification of interest to?

The certification in Growth Hacking is tailored for professionals who are involved in or responsible for driving growth within their organizations. This includes roles like growth managers, digital marketers, product managers, data analysts and entrepreneurs. It's also invaluable for anyone looking to understand the nuances of modern growth strategies, optimize customer acquisition, and foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

Can I also take both certifications as 1 package??

Yes, it is possible to take both certifications, Design Thinking and Growth Hacking, as one. Although they can be taken separately, the two programmes complement each other and together provide a comprehensive set of skills essential for innovation and growth in today's time of rapid change.

How much much self-study and preparation is expected of me?

Only the exam requires study. Some preparation is required between the training days. Prior knowledge in the form of relevant study or work experience in the field of marketing or innovation is sufficient and considered relevant for participation in the program.

Do you also offer Incompany training courses?

Yes, we also offer in-company trainings. Our programmes can be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Please contact us for more information and to discuss options.

What is the investment?

The investment for the certification is €1450 excluding VAT. This includes study materials, examination and certification. If you decide to take both courses (Design Thinking and Growth Hacking), you will receive a 15% discount on the total price.

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