About us

Master of Growth is the result of a collaborative consortium of leading design thinking and growth hacking experts. This collective, enriched by renowned consultancy firms, is anchored by a renowned examination and certification institute, ensuring the credibility and excellence of this program.
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What is the role of the consortium?

Backed by industry-leading experts and a rich history of success, the Master of Growth Consortium aims to seamlessly integrate sustainable growth methodologies into organizations by harnessing the combined power of design thinking and growth hacking.

Our commitment to excellence and our extensive network of professionals ensure that we remain at the forefront of growth strategies, value creation and setting the benchmark for industry standards.

To realize this ambition, the Consortium is focused on three core initiatives:

Developing and refining best practices in design thinking
and growth hacking, drawing on real-world successes and innovations.
Creating a comprehensive body of knowledge and globally recognised
certification programme to disseminate industry knowledge and set standards.
Cultivate and nurture the Design Thinking and Growth Hacking community
through active engagement, collaboration and investment to ensure continued growth and development.

Consortium Membership: Who Are Our Members?

The Master of Growth Consortium is made up of a diverse group of members, each bringing unique expertise and value. These include consultancy and training organizations, user organizations and examination and certification bodies. 

All members, regardless of their specific role, are united in their commitment to the Consortium's mission. They actively participate, contribute and uphold the standards set by the Consortium's certification program. Their collective commitment ensures that the Consortium remains a trusted and authoritative voice in the field of sustainable growth methodologies.

Become A Member Yourself?

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Accredited Education Partners

Accredited Education Partners are educational institutions that have successfully met the Consortium's accreditation standards. They offer courses that are aligned with the latest Body of Knowledge, ensuring that students are equipped with the latest methodologies and practices. This ensures that students are well prepared for both practical application and the
Consortium's certification exam.

Interested To Apply For Accreditation?

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Certification Council

The Master of Growth Consortium has established a Certification Council to provide guidance on content-related
matters and oversee the Master of Growth certification process. This council operates independently and is composed
of seasoned professionals with expertise in growth strategies and innovation, representing a variety of industries.
Members are chosen from the consortium's member organizations and network, recognized for their deep knowledge,
contributions, and experience in Design Thinking, Growth Hacking or Growth in general.

Ivo van Haren
Van Haren Publishing
Bart de lege  
Co-Founder BAMMBOO
Growth Hacking Agency
Ward van Gasteren
Growth Consultant
Jonard Rood
Co-Founder BAMMBOO
Growth Hacking Agency
Patrick van der Pijl
Business Models Inc
Michiel Hoogenboom
Strategy Designer
Business Models Inc

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