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Design Thinking

Create value for your customers, now and in the future.
Get familiar with the tools, skills and mindset of design thinking.
Understand your customer, create experiments, and validate and test your assumptions.
Get practical and learn from real life cases.
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It is all about creating value for your customers.

Whether you are a founder, business leader, corporate innovator, or change manager, the design thinking program is more than just a course. This is the foundation to master value creation for your (future) customers in a world of uncertainty.

Continuous innovation requires a thorough process and perspective at how multidisciplinary teams work together in achieving sustainable growth. This and more has been brought together in this comprehensive program "Master of Growth".
Unlock your full growth potential by practically applying the design thinking tools, skills, and mindset.

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€ 1.450,- ex BTW
Blended learning

The foundation

Design thinking is a mindset and methodology that encourages you to develop solutions and business models that truly meet the needs of customers. At its core, Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation. It starts with empathizing and gaining deep understanding of your customers and context. By exploring multiple options, prototyping, and validating these options, you can systematically develop solutions that create value for you, your customers, and the world around us.

Module 1

intro to
new value

Problem Validation
Module 1:
Intro to new value creation
4 hours

The key to growing your business, is to find where value is next. Understanding your current state of business is a great starting point to move forward. Continue to think from value, map your business model and portfolio and understand your customers.


  • Business model
  • Business model portfolio
  • Context map
  • Know your customer
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Module 2

Design your
model shift

New Value for your Customers
Module 2:
Design your business model Shift
4 hours

Brainstorm for new ways to create, capture and deliver value. Let ideation techniques guide you. Design your shift using the business model canvas. Create a fit between your persona and value proposition, using the value proposition canvas. Testing of your new concepts is a necessity.


  • Design criteria canvas
  • Business model (shifts)
  • Value proposition canvas
  • Assumption mapping
More about the Business Model canvas
Module 3

and plan for growth

Set Yourself up for Success
Module 3:
Validation and plan for growth
4 hours

The next step: validating your business model options with experiments, de-risking your new businesses.Designing a minimum viable product is going to take you to the next level. Assess how you organize innovation in your organization and set your team up for success.


  • Experiment design
  • Gameplan
  • Team charter
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Business model Canvas

This is a great tool to help you understand a business model in a straightforward, structured way. Using this canvas will lead to insights about the customers you serve, what value propositions are offered through what channels, and how your company creates value, now and in the future. The Business Model Canvas was created by Alexander Osterwalder, of Strategyzer.

Download canvas

“I've had the opportunity to participate in the Design a Better Business workshop and gained a solid understanding about the new way of doing business. ”

"The Business Model Inc crew took the time to explain the different models and challenged me and my team to come up with solutions for real life cases. Recommended!"

Hugo Prade  | Business Manager

Frequently asked questions

What makes this program unique

The Masters of Growth program is unique because it is the first independent certification in Design Thinking and Growth Hacking. This independence is underlined by the involvement of experienced executives (think Head of Growth and CMOs of e.g. IKEA, Philips, ABN) in an advisory board. This advisory board monitors that the programme meets modern-day standards and the latest developments in the field. The program emphasises the creation of continuous value and sustainable growth, as opposed to short-term growth. It combines the principles of Design Thinking and Growth Hacking for a complete growth approach. Moreover, the programme is jointly developed by BAMMBOO and Business Models Inc (BMI), two leading organisations in promoting sustainable growth in companies. In addition, the program is based on scientific insights, theories and best practices.

Who is the Design Thinking certification of interest to?

The certification is fitted to professionals that are involved or responsible for innovation, product development and strategy; project managers, innovation managers, strategists, and entrepreneurs. It’s also valuable for anyone that wants to improve on solving complex problems, design customer driven solutions and want to stimulate growth within their organizations.  

Can I also take both certifications as 1 package?

Yes, it is possible to take both certifications, Design Thinking and Growth Hacking, as one. Although they can be taken separately, the two programmes complement each other and together provide a comprehensive set of skills essential for innovation and growth in today's time of rapid change.

How much self-study and preparation is expected of me?

Only the exam requires study. Some preparation is required between the training days. Prior knowledge in the form of relevant study or work experience in the field of marketing or innovation is sufficient and considered relevant for participation in the program.

Do you also offer Incompany training courses?

Yes, we also offer in-company trainings. Our programmes can be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Please contact us for more information and to discuss options.

What is the investment?

The investment for the certification is €1450 excluding VAT. This includes study materials, examination and certification. If you decide to take both courses (Design Thinking and Growth Hacking), you will receive a 15% discount on the total price.

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